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The Initiative



We are Ruby Hope Winters and Molly Elizabeth Louison, the founders of The Consent Initiative. We built this program with a goal of both mandating consent education in schools, and creating a public platform to raise awareness around the importance of consent. 


We endeavor to separate the stigma circling consent and dismantle the notion that conversations about consent are synonymous with sexual assault.  To this end we want to help foster the discussion around sexual assault and create a space for victims to share their testimonies. While you explore our website, you will find a page dedicated to publishing your stories. If you feel comfortable, share your story here. We urge you not to disclose any personal information about yourself or your abuser.  It will need to be redacted if you choose to do. You can visit our privacy policy here.  Your submission will create recognition to the severity of the issue and help push our initiative forward. 

Thank you,

Molly Louison and Ruby Winters 

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