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Curriculum Integration


To establish consent within the curriculum in a child's education is to provide them with the principles and information necessary to move forward in their platonic, familial, romantic, and professional relationships. Schools need to provide a clear foundation for the definition of consent and how it translates into reality. We believe consent education must be a core part of sex education curriculum. 

Although we recognize the limitations of young children, we still believe the inclusion of consent in the curriculum should begin sooner in a student's elementary career. To introduce this concept earlier in adolescence is to simplify and ensure its usage in all factions of life. It is not necessary for consent to be taught in the formal format that is the high school curriculum. Consent can be taught with youthful indiscretion. The basic outline and boundaries of consent must be taught so children can grow up with a continued and developing understanding of how consent not only affects them but others around them. 

Once the student reaches junior high, consent must be more thoroughly explored. Given the new maturity level and changing social lives, they can no longer be exempted from an in-depth discussion. That is not to be punitive but rather provide them with the tools to guarantee safe, healthy, and communicative relationships. 

Across Ages 


Contact us here for our consent lesson plan for Elementary school students 


Contact us here for our consent lesson plan for Middle school students 


Contact us here for our consent lesson plan for high school  students 

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